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CRE8NSK8 | Art at the Skate Park

We had so much fun painting these ramps! 

Cre8nSk8 is a project by Andy Jacobs and Norman Arts Council that gets artists together to paint skate parks. Originally at Blake Baldwin Skate Park at Andrews Park, in Norman, the ramps have been moved to other parks throughout Norman so that kids in surrounding neighborhoods can have access to skate ramps. There will be a new skate park built at Andrews to replace the previous ramps. This year’s project will be completed throughout the month with painting events happening each Sunday of the month. Four artists were chosen to design the ramps and are joined by local artists and volunteers to help complete the paintings. The ramps were primed, and then painted with Montana 94 spray paint.


We would love to do more murals! Contact us with what you have in mind, and we’ll make it happen!