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Vest Show at Grease Trap

These are our vests for the Love of Denim Show at Grease Trap! They are still available there along with lots of other kick ass vests from local artists… Go see!

vestmike vestreb


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Fucking Hosting

Well, Our server took a dump and we lost some stuff, so our site is a little out of date. We are working to get it all updated and move to a new server, so in the meantime, enjoy this flyer we designed, and come to this bad ass show!!


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Working on a shit-ton of new stuff for the Punk Rock Flea Market in Tulsa, Oct 19th! Can. Not. Wait. Tshirts, Art and whatever else we come up with between now and then. Mark yo’ calendars to come buy lots of stuff fromĀ all the vendors at this kick ass event! Check it on FB!